Why mitchell?

+ Generations of experience in potato growing, procurement and distribution
+ long esablished relationships with professional growers
+ extensive range of grower brands available
+ extensive range of the most popular chipping varieteis
+ vigilant quality control procedures, with a quality gaurentee
+ Purpose built distribution centres
+ reliable and punctual delivery service utilizing up to date fleet
+ the right product at the right price
+ fixed price contracts available to both growers and fish and chip shops
+ All available chipping varieties in stock. Subject to seasonal availability.

We do the hard work so you don’t have to!

Punctual Deliveries:
We run a fleet of upto date vehicles with 24 hr breakdown assistance

Quality Guarantee:
We guarantee to swap potatoes within 36 hours of a valid complaint

Consistent quality:
Our large supplier base and vigilant quality control helps to provide consistent quality throughout the year

The right product at the right price:
We supply good quality potatoes at the best price. Any savings we can make from strategic buying we will pass on to you -  our customer

Annual fixed price contracts:
We offer fixed price contracts, helping fish & chip shops to manage their budgets without the worry of price fluctuation

Official Markies supplier
Markies is a very consistent main crop variety, with more and more shops making them their preferred choice each year. Mitchell potatoes account for the largest volume moved in the UK

Leading supplier of Ramos potatoes.
Ramos in our apinion is the best alternative to Maris Piper. Soft white chips with excellent flavour with melt in your mouth texture